Fixer: "Behind the Berlin Wall" for Yesterday Channel UK

For british Yesterday Channel's documentary series "Forbidden History" we've filmed some impressions from the former Stasi HQ at the Normannen street in East Berlin. A journey into the past, as main parts of the office building look the same since three decades ! The Stasi was secret police of East Germany – not a secret service as we understand it today. It was a service spying against the own citizen. It's kind of spooky to see this unadventurous sourrounding of Minister Milke's spy HQ...with it's cheap wooden panels, tastefree wallpapers and ugly furniture.

For us, the crew, it was an impressive shoot that we left with our very special production vehicle:


  1. I'm posting such photos to give impression about local scenery and filming opportunities in Germany. If you're looking for specific locations simply drop me a line


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